Saturday Scones

Today is Saturday, and we have hardly any food left in the cupboards as I decided last week to try to use up all that we had and then go shopping this weekend with a proper shopping list and planned recipes. So this morning I looked I my “Homemade” book (Reader’s Digest) and saw that we had all the ingredients for scones (mainly a big bag of self-raising flour that has been sitting around for ages). So I made scones according to the recipe below.

It says you can add in whatever dried fruit, etc. you want, so I made banana and white chocolate chip for my son (may taste horrible but who knows? Hopefully it will get past his fruit radar!) and white chocolate chip and cranberry for me and hubbie.

As I started adding banana, cranberries, and chocolate chips to the dough I was kneading, I realized that I should have probably added these at the flour stage, and not to stiff dough. But whereas in the past I would have had a minor tantrum and thrown the whole lot away, I persevered, so we have more cranberry-coated scones than actual cranberry scones. But hopefully they will be edible (they are in the oven now).


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