Worst Culinary Disaster?

The Guardian today featured an article that talks about celebrities’ worst disasters in the kitchen. At the bottom of the piece it asks for reader comments – some of them are quite funny.

Up there with my worst is the molten pie crust featured in this blog. Also, when we lived in the States, I had the brilliant idea of putting the ceramic casserole dish into the oven to heat up before adding the pasta and sauce for the pasta bake but when I put the food in the dish it cracked fully in half, like the stone table in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. My (ever helpful) husband informed me it was something to do with differences in temperature. Incidentally, this also happened to our casserole dish in the UK, but this time because I left it sitting on the hob and turned the wrong burner on.

Oh, and I nearly burned down my husband’s apartment the first time I went out to visit him in the States (long before he was my husband). I put some pasta on to boil and left the wooden spoon balanced on the handle and went for a lie down. This was on a gas stove. While I was still napping, his roommate (luckily) went into the kitchen to find the wooden spoon handle on fire and remedied the situation.

Good to know though from this article that I’m not the only one who destroys kitchen equipment in the course of making dinner!


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