Spitty Bubbles, A Messy House and Dr. Seuss

Tonight as I was trying to get M to hurry up with brushing his teeth I said: “Come on… I have no more energy…” M replied: “You have so much energy you could beat an elephant!”

No kiddo, I don’t. I really don’t.

This week, all my good work with keeping the house tidy has gone to hell. My husband has done the washing up every night when he got home from work (big up to the best husband/father ever – and not just ’cause he does the washing up). There has been no burnt supper because he has also done the cooking. And the lounge desperately needs hoovering because of the random pieces of thread and shaggy blue wool from my latest adventure.

World Book Day.

World Book Day destroyed my house. My efforts to create M a “Cat in the Hat” costume took all of my free time, leaving little time for keeping the house tidy. But f**k it. He made an awesome Cat in the Hat.

The “Cat in the Hat” Hat

“Thing One”
I made the hat out of a white pillowcase, some red fabric that I originally bought to make M some pajamas, and some heavy-duty interfacing that I originally bought to make some fabric storage boxes (a lot of my ideas do not make it to fruition). I also knitted a Thing One (I ran out of time to make a Thing Two and ended up drawing the face on with pen) with some wool I had around the house (I just happened to have the perfect wool for Thing One/Two hair that someone gave me randomly). I made the hat myself without a pattern but I used this pattern for a basic wool doll for Thing One and then added crazy blue wool hair.

I found a black top and trousers on sale at Tesco (after much searching for black jogging bottoms that didn’t have “Harlem” or similar emblazoned on them, I happened upon clearance Lycra thermal long-sleeve black trousers and a top) and sewed a black tail onto the trousers. My mum donated a red bow tie she had left over from a 1920s party and I got a pair of white gloves from a local fancy-dress shop and cut and sewed them to make them smaller. Voila. One very cute and very excited Cat in the Hat and one very exhausted mummy. To make it even more awesome, he has a soft toy Cat in the Hat that fit perfectly in the hat I made, so he could have his “Little Cat A” in his hat (from the second book).

Evidently I have not worn make-up for so long I no longer possess an eyeliner pencil so in desperation I drew a black nose and whiskers on M with a black pen (at least it was Crayola – and it did the trick).

Tonight, the World Book Day week is over. Tomorrow the house needs a thorough tidy. But today we spent two hours at the local play gym while M ran around (literally: “look mum, I’m practicing my running skills!”), jumped, dived into the foam pit, hung off bars, walked along the beam, climbed up the slide, and generally acted like a crazy-o Duracell bunny. L sat on me, lay down a bit, and practiced his “spitty bubbles” (my name for his new-found raspberry-blowing skill). If he could talk he would have said: “look mum, I’m practicing my spitty bubbles skills!”

After that, M reluctantly came with me to the local “random-crap-warehouse” where I bought a clear-plastic box to make a home-made light box and almost had a meltdown when I made one more detour to buy an emergency blanket (I am on a sensory-play kick for L). When we finally got home, I was exhausted and I told M he could have his hour on the GameBoy I had promised him. I went up and changed L’s nappy and lay on the bed to talk to him/have a baby play. I called M up to play his GameBoy in the bed with us and alternated playing “Row Your Boat” and spitty bubbles with L and helping M to complete levels on the New Super Mario Bros game.

Tidy house be damned. Although All The Things That Must/Really Should Be/I Would Like To Be Done were trying to crowd into my brain, I let it go and just chilled with the boys until daddy got home.

The house is still a mess and we had take-out for dinner. But the days are spilling past into oblivion (“when do people die?” M asked today as we left the gym. “I don’t know, usually when they’re old and have lived a full life and have had children” I said. “I don’t want to die” M said. “No, me neither,” I replied). I had fun with my boys today. I must learn to let go more often.



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