Demolition + Lego Movie = Sunday

I am sitting here listening to the rather disconcerting sounds of my husband ripping the laths out of L’s bedroom upstairs. Our trip to London went well, I did indeed breastfeed L while we were waiting at the US Embassy but no one batted an eyelid. He was one of many babies and children there, including one four-week-old baby whose poor mother finally got called to the window just as she had got the baby latched on for a feed. The UK passport is actually proving to be more tricky as I have now filled the form out wrong twice (and so have not posted it yet). Third time’s a charm (hopefully).

M is now watching the Lego Movie. We just sat and worked through some of a “telling the time” workbook I bought him this morning after the latest failed passport application attempt. I then said he could have a go on the new learning thing I signed him up for this morning. He was excited but I said “it’s not a game, it’s a learning thing.” He flapped his arms, huffed, and said in his best feeling-sorry-for-himself voice: “I can’t do any more learning things right now because my ear hurts from listening so much.” Fair play. Lego Movie it is then.

I meanwhile, am very happy with the new “learning thing” I have found. It is called the Khan Academy and it lets you create an account and then add children to it. It is completely free and covers maths, science, English and the humanities as well as other stuff like computer programming. I wanted to do more than just read the news and Facebook every time I feel compelled to “faff on my phone” (as M puts it). I also want to re-learn maths and science so I can keep up with M once he is in school. I wanted something where I could just sit and practice maths problems and learn from the beginning and this website is awesome. It lets you answer questions to see what level you are at and then there are videos to watch to learn new concepts and lots of practice questions. You get points and medals too so it is quite motivating. I actually feel better for having spent my phone faffing time practising maths. It goes from kindergarten/reception-level stuff right up to college-level. I learned about it after seeing something random on the BBC the other day that mentioned MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and the Khan Academy so I Googled it and was pleasantly surprised.

I am off to do some more maths now to the (awesome) soundtrack of the Lego Movie and the (not so awesome) sound of wanton demolition coming from upstairs.

Happy Sunday.


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