Women in Politics

I just watched the 7-way leaders’ debate on ITV. I am holding L and my arm has gone dead so this post will be a short one (my husband is asking if I am blogging to say he drank too much wine or if the people in this commercial would never be able to afford a house…)

Just to say that I think the three women, Nicola Sturgeon, Natalie Bennett, and Leanne Wood, did well and were a refreshing change from the Oxbridge educated men standing for the main parties (I would add “white,” but then the women are all white too).

Interesting to note that the Greens were also the only party to mention the unfairness of the current UK immigration law re: non-EU family members and the income restriction.

L is now screaming for milk. We need more women (and diversity in general) in politics.

That is all.


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Burnt Supper

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