And Today’s Failure Is…

I had crock pot soup ready for when my husband came home today. First time in ages I have had dinner ready for us to eat all together. M ate the soup and said “thank you” and asked if I could make the exact same soup again (it was a made-up one. Ingredients: red lentils, vegetable stock, one carrot, one parsnip, two small onions, one leek, a bit of ginger, seasoning).

So far so good.

I then tried to top it off by baking a cake. I thought I would adapt this recipe and somehow make a jam Swiss roll with it. I am sure that would have been a disaster but unfortunately it didn’t even get to that point. I beat the eggs and sugar together before realising that we don’t have any milk. “Do you want me to run out?” My husband asked. No. Never mind. It is 7pm and too late really to be baking a cake. Plus I feel like the lentil soup is slowing expanding in my stomach and I don’t think I could handle making or looking at a cake right now anyway.

In other food-related mishaps. We went to the local indoor play area today. In the outside bit of said indoor play area, a seagull made off with our peanut butter sandwiches. They were in a sandwich bag and the bugger picked them up off the table, bag and all, and flew over the fence with them like a stork delivering a baby.

I bought a bakewell tart to compensate and M’s little friend shared his ham sandwiches (or probably, his mum gave M hers, which was very kind) and he actually ate them. He informs me that he will eat sandwiches if I buy white bread.

Off to buy milk and white bread it is then.


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