No Dolls for Boys?

Just a mini rant here about the fact that I can’t seem to find any dolls’ accessories that aren’t pink or varieties of pastel shades including pink (see here). M has recently rediscovered his Baby Stella boy doll that he got for Christmas when he was one. He also has a blue buggy that he got with it. Lately, in response to my telling him to turn the telly off, he has come to see what L and I are up to and when I am feeding or changing L, he says that his baby needs feeding or changing. He even had me put his baby in a baby carrier (made out of a receiving blanket) when I had L on my back when I was putting the clothes away and took his baby in its buggy to his drama class last week. He told me his baby needed feeding and handed the doll to me so I could breastfeed it because he didn’t have any breast milk. I bought him a magic bottle at the pound shop after that and told him it was expressed milk!

He has mentioned a car seat and a high chair and a bath for his baby and I’d love to get some bits, but why do all the dolls and things have to be pink? There are the token blue boy dolls but then all the accessories are still pink. What is wrong with red, or green, or blue, or yellow, or bold bright patterns or stripes or anything more interesting than insipid, bland, and irritating pink?

I really want to encourage my son’s newfound enthusiasm for role-playing and playing with non-electronic toys, but I don’t want to buy a bunch of pink stuff for him as he is starting school this year and sadly there is still the idea that boys shouldn’t play with dolls. How is that going to change though if in the consumer culture, girls = pink = girls and all the dolls’ stuff is pink.

Very irritating.


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