We’re All Going on A Summer Holiday


It is 5am. We are planning to leave for the airport at 9am for a 3.45pm flight to the States to visit family.

As usual before a long flight, my husband and I tried to get everything sorted the day before so we could get a good night’s sleep. Mostly we achieved success: bags packed (checked and carry-on), all laundry done and mostly put away, house tidy (if not hoovered), presents bought for American cousins, dog delivered to Grandma’s and only one round of washing up left by the sink.

As for a good night’s sleep: the kids had other ideas. L is a little milk monster and suckles away next to me/wakes for milk what seems like constantly. M woke up once to say he thought he had wet the bed (he hadn’t) and again because he had a nightmare. We had to change L as he had done a massive wee that leaked through his nappy and sleepsuit.

And now I am so hungry from feeding him all night long that I got up to eat a bowl of cereal and this happened (see spilt milk picture above). M and L are both in bed with my husband who said he has given up getting any sleep tonight/this morning.

Well, no point crying over spilt milk (had to be said) or a lack of sleep.

Summer holiday/vacation here we come…

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