Test Cake

M wants an Ancient Egypt themed birthday party so I have been planning and getting things together (including costumes!) I found this link for a pyramid cake and thought I had better test it out before the big day.

I got a cake mix, some white chocolate buttons for the “treasure,” some gold cake spray paint (which didn’t really work on the buttons), some ready-made buttercream icing and some white roll-out icing.

This was the result:








I thought the buttercream icing smelled like feet. I may make my own next time! I was quite pleased with the overall result, it was after all only a test-run. (Though I didn’t quite read the directions on the gold spray paint which said to let each layer dry in between sprays and just went to town on it, with the result that it was still sticky the next morning!)

M saw the cake sitting in the kitchen and guessed its purpose. He said: “Is this a test cake? Try to make the top straight next time as it’s a little wonky.”

At least with some prompting he guessed that it was a pyramid. My husband helpfully commented that “it looks like a pile of gold poo,” while grinning broadly at both the cake, and my panic when I thought I had gassed the baby by not opening the window when using the gold spray paint.

For the real cake I am going to ditch the gold and get some yellow roll-out icing.

And try to get it less wonky. One more for the sub-par cakes hall of fame (watch this space for a post on that) but points for effort I reckon.

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