Amaze (Coconut) Balls


Coconut cookies!

I did it! I made cookies like a normal person. Without trashing the kitchen. Without having a tantrum breakdown. Without using every utensil in the place. Without burning the cookies!

When my husband arrived home this evening the washing up was (mostly) done. The kids were fed and bathed and I was able to point to the bounty on the stove and say “there are cookies” without adding a long and tearful explanation of what went wrong or adding “but they’re not that great because…” to the end of the sentence.

Oatmeal raisin cookies (at front - ignore the ones at the back they are my weird banana and peanut butter muffin things only I will eat done as cookies to use up an old banana!

Oatmeal raisin cookies at the front (ignore the pale ones at the back they are my weird “banana peanut butter muffins” that no one but me will ever eat and that I make to use up old bananas, done as cookies to see what would happen).

I made easy oatmeal raisin cookies (all of my Google recipe searches start with the word “easy”) and very scrummy coconut cookies. The coconut cookies consist of a cup of self-raising flour, a cup of coconut, a cup of sugar, an egg, and half a cup of butter. The recipe says to roll them into little balls and place on the baking sheet but word to the wise, they expand! My knowledge of baking chemistry is sadly lacking so I was expecting the little balls to just cook into little ball-shaped cookies like these European Christmas biscuits a friend of mine at grad school used to make. Instead they expanded to fill the whole baking tray and I had to cut them up. But they taste good. I mean, how bad is it really to eat a cup of coconut, a cup of sugar and half a cup of butter in one sitting? If anything it will help me put back on some of the weight I have lost from feeding L for 13 months and counting (at time of writing I have only had three cookies but the night is still young).

I am now feeling suitably self-satisfied and validated as a human being (how sad it is that baking a delicious cookie can do this for me). I am also wondering if these particular recipes are particularly idiot-proof awesome or if tonight’s success stems from the fact that for once I set a timer and took them out of the oven when it went off?

That and we had all the actual ingredients to hand.

Who knows? But yay cookies!

That is all.

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