Banana Bread Fail


In draft form this post was called “Banana Bread (Finally!)” but the end result was so poor I had to retitle the post. I liked this recipe because it is whole wheat, sweetened with honey and uses oil instead of butter.

I always buy bananas intending to eat them because you know, they’re good for you, but I never do eat them because I don’t like bananas. My husband hates bananas (more than I dislike them) and (understandably) gets irritated at the sight of brown bananas that I promised I would eat this time. He does like banana bread though (go figure) so to stop the accusing looks and also to try to sneak some goodness into M’s diet I decided to cook some banana bread and use up our brown bananas.

I had been meaning to make banana bread for a few days now, before the brown bananas got past the point of no return, but with everything else to do (I know, my life is so hard) by the time it gets to the evening I am worn out and I kept not doing it. Today while M was at nursery (and L consented to lie in his travel cot in the kitchen watching me/listening to Radiohead’s OK Computer) I finally got it made and in the oven.

So where did it go wrong? Well, me being me I used vegetable oil instead because I didn’t have the other oil. I also think the recipe is in US cups and I used UK cups (but – mathematically challenged as I am – I assume the ratios would be the same? I’m pretty sure that’s wrong though and will invest in a set of US cups this summer when we go back for a holiday). That probably would have been okay if not for the biggest mistake of forgetting to measure the banana before I chucked it in and then adding another one for good measure because all three bananas in the house looked brown and dodgy. I added a bit of flour at the end as the mix looked a bit sloppy, but not too much flour as who knows it may be supposed to look sloppy? This folks is how I manage to ruin recipes.

I have added a photo of the end result. I had hoped that it would be edible, if not delicious, but it is neither. It is burnt on top, sunken, raw in the middle, and smells strongly of old bananas. My husband just got home and I gave him a sad cuddle. He asked what was wrong and I pointed in the direction of the sunken brown/black mass on the dining room table. He said “did you follow the recipe? If you follow the recipe it would work.”

Yes dear. I know. I did intend to.

There is also a pile of washing up and the laundry has crept up a couple of loads above absolute zero.

Bugger. Am not domestic goddess.

I did play with L today though and got lots of baby smiles which was lovely, but I really wanted some cake to eat and don’t have a Plan B. I also managed to waste food (most notably the honey) when the plan was to NOT waste the bananas. I will try this recipe again another day, properly, because I still like the recipe. I will have to wait for the next batch of bananas to go brown first though.