Pancakes Four Ways

I realised it was Pancake Day too late for breakfast and M was at nursery this afternoon, so I made him pancakes for dinner using this recipe and some added ingredients.

The caveat was that he could have two savoury pancakes followed by two sweet ones. To his credit he gobbled them all up and I learned that I can get away with getting him to eat (relatively) healthy stuff if I wrap it in a pancake. (N.B. In our house at the moment, “relatively healthy” for M means anything that is not a) crisps or b) covered in sugar – not a very high bar really).

Let’s be clear, this was a last-minute, off the cuff and relatively half-assed attempt at a pancake dinner. No amazing hidden vegetable feats here. But I am still happy that he ate them all because usually he says he is full after about three bites.

M had one pancake with peanut butter (spread on and rolled up), one cheese pancake (grated cheese sprinkled on the cooked side while the other side was cooking and rolled up) and one each of golden syrup and sugar (pretty self a explanatory).

I figure eggs, flour, oil and whole milk, with the additions above made for a fattening dinner for my little stick insect. For my next trick I may try cheese and spinach pancakes. He’ll eat spinach ravioli so why not?

Happy pancake day everyone!


Peacekeeping Pancakes

Most mornings in our house start the same way: with M appearing in our bedroom doorway with the euphemistic “what can I do?” I say euphemistic because he doesn’t actually want to know what he can do; he wants to know if he can play computer games.

Today I said he could quickly watch a movie or play Wii while I got up and made pancakes. A tantrum ensued because he wanted to play on his Dad’s tablet, which I said no to (I’m not sure why I dislike the tablet more than the Wii, but the point rather was that because I had said no I wasn’t then going to give in to a screaming tantrum over it). M’s ensuing roar of rage threatened the peaceful slumber of my second-born and of my husband, who is feeling a little under the weather (legitimately so – some sort of cold/flu).

So I got up, shut the bedroom door and tried to calm M down only to be met with “you made me cry; if you just let me play it I wouldn’t be crying!” Well, quite. Forgive me for getting up to make pancakes and for offering you two other electronic options.

Because of the tantrum I said he couldn’t play any computer games at all because I wasn’t starting my weekend with a tantrum about computer games. M looked at me and said “I’ll fart in your face!” which earned him a time-out spell in his room. I snuck back to bed for a cuddle with my husband and a wistful glance back at a time when I never even saw this side of 8am on a Saturday, let alone had to deal with electronic-device-induced rages before my brain was fully up to the task.

When M emerged he had calmed down so we had a cuddle and went downstairs to make pancakes. We used this recipe but I halved the quantities as my husband was having a (rare) lie in.

M happily helped me to make the pancakes and chatted away to me in the kitchen. When we had finished eating I thanked him for calming down and said that’s a better way to start the weekend. He said sorry without being asked, so when he then asked “what can I do?” once more, I let him choose a movie (unfortunately the movie is the live-action Cat in the Hat which is more than a little irritating).

Peace has returned (for now).

And the pancakes were yummy.